Arrest warrant issued against Sami, Tasnim, 2 others in DSA case

On Sunday, the Dhaka Cyber Tribunal issued warrants to arrest four persons, including Zulkarnain Khan alias Sami who appeared in an allegedly false and politically motivated documentary by Al Jazeera and Netra News Editor in-Chief Tasnim Khil in a case filed under the Digital Security Act (DSA).

Swapan Wahid and Ashik Imran are the other two suspects.

The tribunal issued the order after the four accused resisted appearing in court.

In the meantime, the tribunal accepted the counter-terrorism and transnational crimes (CTTC), charge sheet against seven of the accused.

Sami, Tasnim Khil, cartoonist Ahmed Kabir Kishore and Didarul Bhuiyan are the accused. They also include Swapan Wahid, Ashik Imran, Swapan Wahid, and former director of Dhaka Stock Exchange Minhaj Mannan.

Four names were dropped from the charges sheet by the investigation agency.

These are Mushtak Ahmed (US journalist), Sahed Alam (blogger Asif Mohiuddin) and Philip Shumakher.

The case was filed by police on June 13. The case was filed by Sub-inspector Afsar Ahmed from CTTC to the Dhaka Chief Met Magistrate Court.

Judge Ash Shams Jaglul Hossain, Bangladesh Cyber Tribunal on February 10, had directed the CTTC unit of the CTTC to continue investigating the case.

The court issued the order, which allowed a prosecution plea for further investigation. On February 9, the prosecution filed a petition for no confidence against the charge sheet, requesting that eight of the accused be dropped from it. Sami was also included in that petition.

Police filed the charges against Ahmed Kabir Kishore (cartoonist), Didarul Bhuiyan (Rashtrachinta coordinator) and Mushtak Ahmed (writer) on January 13.

The police, however, omitted the names of eight accuses Minhaj Mannan and Tasnim Khalil as well as Asif Mohiuddin and Sami from the charges sheet.

They pleaded for their acquittal, claiming that the allegations against them were not proven.

RAB filed the case against 11 people on May 5, 2020 on charges of spreading anti state falsehood to tarnish Bangladesh's image and cause confusion via a Facebook page.


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